A recent mail introducing Miao Chang as a new employee in my company caught my fancy… I keyed in ‘Miao’ into the company intranet to see if it was a unique name and found that it was not – Miao Wang and Miaomiao Lin also work here.
In fact, this seems to be quite the favorite (and a common name) within a specific geography. An unrelated (to Miao) Kathy Nam even includes the line ‘anything cats want + OpsDB’ in her work description on the Intranet. Her mail ID incidentally turns out to be miao@xyz.com 

Another name that I thought was truly unforgettable – Heinz Gand (My husband insists that it is the ‘Heinz’ in the ‘Gand’ that makes it more funny)
This name is positively hilarious from an Indian cultural perspective. I’m sure it is perfectly normal in its own culture. 

When I was growing up, I always hated my own last name (Ganapathy), because for some unconnected reason, it reminded me of boiled eggs. The icing on the cake, and an interpretation that never ever crossed my mind (being South Indian with a limited Hindi vocabulary, that is not surprising) was when a friend in college once said to me – “What a pity that a nice girl like you has such a ‘pondi’ (Indian slang for something with naughty connotations) sounding last name..” Go figure… 

I’d love to hear more names that caught your attention because of the cultural interpretation or even because you just liked / did not like they way they sounded or the images they conjured up.. Do share!


3 responses to “Miao!

  1. This was hilarious. Heinz cracked me up :D

    Funny names? hehehe the va name we discussed in our last meeting comes to mind :D And Ayesha’s favorite ‘maha******’ hahaha

    I hated my own name growing up. Because it was so uncommon in Delhi. I never came across or heard of anyone else called Manjusha. And funnily, when we are small, we want to fit in so badly that we want everything ‘common’. I remember wanting the same kind of dresses and books like the other girls. And names. I remember asking my mom why she didn’t name me geeta or sunita :)

    One of my neighbors was called ‘Lovely’ and I found that very funny because er… she wasn’t lovely at all (mean me!). And her sister was called Sweety, and of course, she was far from sweet :)
    I knew an extremely talketive, loud-voice girl called subhashini :) and a squint eyed girl named sunaina. My! looks like I only knew paradoxes in my life!
    That’s a nice story idea, BTW. hmm maybe I’ll write something…

    Now for images. Ashwati is a nice name, but always reminds me of horses. Because Ashwa is horse in Sanskrit. Aarti, quite a common name, means excessive greed in Malayalam. And the name Aana, when I heard it the first time, had me in splits because it means ‘elephant’ in Malayalam.

  2. Here are some I heard from my cousin –

    Switchy, Bulby and Pluggy – 3 sisters who lived near the electricity department

    Tamasha – A Sri Lankan woman

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