Something to chew on…

A couple of days ago, I was reading a Noddy book to my 3 year old… As with most Enid Blyton’s, this one was also peppered with multiple mouth watering food descriptions –

“What shall I buy for my supper? I’ll get a big jammy bun and a big ice cream.”

“Look, here’s a hot cup of cocoa and a biscuit. We’ll each have one and then..”

‘So to Noddy’s great surprise, his cell door was opened, and he was taken out very kindly by the policeman and given a big cup of hot coffee and an enormous slice of ginger cake.’

And the excerpt de resistance – ‘There was a big feast prepared in the market place for Noddy, Big Ears and all their friends! My goodness, you should have seen the jellies shivering in their dishes, the plates of sandwiches, the great big chocolate cakes, the buns and biscuits. It really was a wonderful sight!’

Of course, this style of literature resulted in a rollicking tantrum for chocolate cake just before dinner L

The chocolate cake in question is a cake I’ve been baking since high school – a recipe handed down from my grandma (Recipe posted at –

When I bake, Apu enjoys licking the batter from the mixing bowl as much as I did as a kid (and adult :-) when A happens to be out of home when I bake cake)

The look on his face, makes me think of the importance of creating and maintaining fun routines and traditions in the lives of our children. Enjoyed but probably taken for granted as kids, these routines become cherished memories when we think back about them as adults.

Here are some of my childhood routines that evoke a warm sun-shiney sense of happiness when I remember them:

– Sunday morning masala dosa’s

– The surprise ‘first’ strawberry from my grandma’s garden hidden below my breakfast cup.

– 4 00 p m banana milkshake in my ‘Start each day in a happy way’ mug

– Birthday’s celebrated with Hot Chocolate Fudge with Mint Sauce at Corner House (Served in glass goblets – not plastic)

(Um.. Are my memories food centric?)

– Taking the crowded train to Mysore every summer holiday

– Bleach moustache time with grandma (We sat at the sofa near the window chatting and waiting for it to be time to wash off the bleach)

– Making the ‘Kauveri’ out of sticks and flowers for Kauveri Shankramana every year

– Eating ‘maddu puttu’ payasa once every year and then waiting in anticipation for the red ‘evidence’ the next day

– Sunday evening trip to Cubbon park with my friend Sharon – For cotton candy, ‘butta’ and ‘toy train’ (We fought to not sit next to the car window with the glass that didn’t roll down fully)

– Annual school sports day (always rainy) and all the associated goodies – Orange lolly’s, Gold Spot, Rolls…


6 responses to “Something to chew on…

  1. What is it with food and growing up :)? Remember those Secret Seven and Famous Five stories. Every single one of them, even Malory Towers, had a midnight feast where the little ‘heroes’ and ‘heroines’ would enjoy scrumptious feasts described in mind boggling and, for us, salivating detail…sigh…

    • (came across the bangalorekaleidoscope blog from scatterthebatter)
      oh, the midnight feasts! i still remember how, when around 10 or so, i planned a “secret” midnight feast with my sister. we made peanut butter sandwiches and i told mum to not ask any questions, since everything we were doing was soooo secret (ermmm…yeah). and *then, sis and i went to bed, set the *alarm, and *dragged ourselves out at midnight to have the feast. and i still remember thinking, droopy eyes et al, “why is this not as much fun as in the books?” :)

  2. Yeah .. food memories can swing either way. Some aren’t so appetising;
    1. Piping hot dum aloo and puris at Kharagpur station at 3 am :: Dysentery at Bhubaneswar station at 8 am. Exploding ass on rickshaw at 8.10 am. Met my Watery-loo at 8.45, 9.20, 9.21, 10.20 and 11.45 am. Loose dehydrated skin checked – at 1 pm. Intravenous infusion at 2 pm. Avoidance of ‘Hot piping dum aloo and puri’s at Kharagpur station’. Permanent.
    2. Hard candy stolen Shankara, the perenially drunk resident push-cart guy at Stewart School :: Hard ass-kicking and assorted bad-mouthing from Shankara with various allusions to illicit liaisons of female family members – with monkeys, dogs and other interesting members of the local fauna.
    3. Ampro biscuit for Rs. 1.15 :: That was my lunch for roughly 2 years. Haven’t had a single Energy-giving glucose biscuit since. Then the folks slipped up, got lazy and made the mistake of giving me the Rs. 1.15. It was at that point that I stopped stealing from Shankara and we were very matey after that. Learnt a thing or two about (the uppers and downers of) life – apart from eating junk that still makes my stomach stand anything that germs or the wife can dish out. Bring it on!!
    4. Coconut Chicken Curry at Case de Cha / The cutlets at Gene Aunty’s :: The sources of sustenance, the life-giving interstices to the largely liquid regimen during the two years of my P.G.D.M.
    5. French Toast and Ashok Garg :: The marwari guy who ate my french toast for half a term, till it dawned on him to ask him what it’s made of. For a long time I didn’t understand why he chased me from the Basketball park to the princi’s office. Apparently, for his family, it was akin to a daughter having issues with her tissue, but never mind. If I ever meet him again, I might ask him to try Texas Potato Skins. Hee Haw!!
    6. A ‘white egg curry’ that a certain somebody made for me and my friends :: I knew I had good friends who ate every bit of the masala-eggs-in-a-litre-of-milk and then said, ‘Yep, she’s the one for you.’ Then again were they good friends…HEY?!!

  3. hmm.. these replies sure provide an answer to my question – ‘Um.. Are my memories food centric?’ The essence of this post seems to have become food – although that was not the intention :-)

  4. FoozeMonkey #6 – Don’t yap ok.. I see you piling your plate with my food most days… and then collapsing comatose on the sofa..

  5. Rani… LOL! I guess reading about midnight feasts is the only way to enjoy them!

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