Boiled Eggs and Raffi

Painting boiled eggs before eating them is so much fun! Especially with some Raffi playing in the background…
Here’s what we did this Sunday morning:

Egg Art

The artist displays his handiwork

The artist


The egg cutter adds to the fun

Salt + pepper, and ready to pop in

mmm.. that sure hits the spot


3 responses to “Boiled Eggs and Raffi

  1. so fun! looks like he is enjoying the whole thing, including eating… cool idea!

  2. yeah – We used to paint on empty egg shells (after getting the egg out through a small opening made in the base.) That way, we could display our art work for a while… But for a 3 year old’s stubby fingers I thought boiled egg was a better less fragile idea :-)

  3. haa haa what an idea devi jee! love it! I’ll definitely try this with the kids!

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