Cooking fish curry in a stone pot

I was at an annual crafts bazaar recently, and picked up a cool stone cooking vessel. I have always wanted to try cooking in an earthenware or stone pot. I think the material really adds to the flavor of the food. And for me at least, the cooking vessel is an important ingredient in the whole cooking process – An interesting vessel makes cooking so much more fun…

So the recipe I decided to inaugurate the vessel with was a Thai fish curry.
Here are some pictures of the process (cooking and tasting) and the finished meal:

The aroma that wafts through the house while this is cooking is heavenly… Enough to get everyone nice and hungry by the time it is ready to serve.

The boys couldn’t wait till it was ready to serve. Here’s Apu getting one of many licks while it was cooking.

I think even more fun than cooking is watching the family tuck into it…

The conversation at our table went something like this:
“Mama can I have some more cod?”
“No – Not till you finish some of your rice and salad.”
“That is NOT going to happen… Young woman!”

The recipe is posted on a friend’s blog if you want to try it out –
She also has a seperate post on where these Assamese stone pots can be bought.


3 responses to “Cooking fish curry in a stone pot

  1. Bhabi……….the fish curry luks…Yumm..and more interstin is to watch the way u serve..and Appu he has truly become a foodie at this age. I mean i still hav lot of fuss over fish & other foods, but he s truly Chinku Bhai PArt II.

  2. Devika taht sounds like fun – the thai fish curry looks yumm! i wish i was there to taste it. have got to see Appu here in the pic. he looks a lot like you- how youve spoilt him with all the goodies you make for him. lots of love . nita

  3. yeah Nita – Looks bland – but it’s dynamite with the red curry paste and the red chilli… You must try it – Will be yum with the weather out there… More pics of Apu on Facebook.. Also on the egg post. You’re one of the few people who think he looks like me :-)

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