Nora Antilli

Browsing through books in search of a birthday gift for a 6 year old girl, I was really kicked to come across a book of paper dolls.
I had to buy that for her – that book reminded me of the fun I had as a child playing with my ‘Nora Antilli’ dolls… Actually, they were twin dolls called ‘Nora’ and ‘Tilly’ – But I didn’t realize that until much later!

Back home, I Googled for ‘Nora and Tilly paper dolls’ – Not really expecting to see any relevant results. After all, I had got the Nora and Tilly dolls from some old magazine that my grandma collected – unlikely to be up on the web.
Imagine my delight when I found not just results – the results displayed dresses I vividly remember playing with:

The search results also told me that the dolls were from 1956 ‘Woman and Home’ magazines. I almost wished that I had not chopped them up – But only ‘almost’ – The fun I got playing with those dolls was worth wrecking the magazine – I guess!

So then I did another search for the current day Woman and Home magazine. It’s amazing (and telling) to see the change in topics covered by women’s magazines through the years…


2 responses to “Nora Antilli

  1. Antilli reminded me of the ‘Virj’ joke!
    Teacher: What’s Mary’s husband called?
    Child: Virj
    Teacher: Virj? Who told you that?
    Child: That’s why they always say Virj and Mary!

    I used to love paper dolls as a kid! And making new dresses for the dolls was one of my favorite activities :) A couple of years ago, I made a paper Goldilocks for Sid – it being his favorite story. And we had a small Godilocks and the three bears puppet show for him and his friends. It was such fun! :)

  2. he he.. kids interpretations are so funny sometimes.. I also had a doll called Gammarae… which I only later realized must have originated from Gamma Ray – Though I have no idea who named her that…

    Also remember the hand clap rhyme games we used to play in school – many of those words were ‘as heard’ rather than ‘as is’ :-)

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