Apu’s Playlist

Music for children need not be kiddish and out of sync with the music we love and listen to… That’s what I decided once I figured that I wanted Apu to enjoy music and what HE liked would likely be playing most often.

As a baby, the local FM channel or Worldspace could keep him enchanted for long minutes… Even now, he loves fast paced dance music. Macarena, Anything from BoneyM (Particularly Brown Girl in the Ring and Painter Man), Desi Girl, Jinke Mari…! (The language doesn’t matter as long as it has the beat)

He now knows to ask for favourite songs to be sung to him during bed time – His current favourite bedtime playlist is ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ (Check out the sadistic version by Roald Dahl), ‘Dream’, ‘Donna Donna’ and ‘Nobody’s Child’…

Then during a visit to his pre school, I heard some truly beautiful songs being sung by the kids – I had never heard these songs before, but the words and the tunes had me hooked. A search for ‘Baby Baluga’ unearthed the magical world of Raffi. Some of his songs have beautiful and meaningful lyrics – There’s a Big Beautiful Planet, Everything Grows, The song on different cultures (I don’t recall the name)… Other’s are just catchy and fun – Numbers Rhumba, Apples and Bananas, Baby Baluga…

Some of the old jazz numbers are also great for kids and a nice way to introduce them to this type of music. Here are some of my favourites that I am playing to Apu or planning to play for him soon:
Muffin Man
Chew Chew Chew your bubblegum
Uncle Satchmo’s lullaby
Let’s call the whole thing off

And some Shirley Temple oldies I remember listening to as a kid – The Cuppycake Song, You Gotta Eat Your Spinach Baby

I would love to hear of anything nice you listen to with your kids.. Do share!


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