Paint insects

Apu and me made some paint insects today. This is a fun activity for impatient 3 year olds with butterfingers – who may not be able to manage brushes very well, but want to see results! I’ve been meaning to buy bigger and thicker brushes to make painting more fun – but until then…

Here’s what we did:
– Drop paint in large and small dots on some paper (We used Crayola kids paint) – I did the drops this time, but I think I’ll get an ink dropper, so Apu can make the dots himself.
– Fold the paper in half horizontally or vertically, so the paint is on the inside
– Rub / beat the paper madly, so the paint spreads inside
– Open and enjoy!

I plan to cut the insect shapes out and put them up in Apu’s room.
We have an art wall that contains all his art work – from school and home. Making this wall seems to have upped his interest in art –
he is excited to see his art ‘published’ and cant wait to get home with new paintings or craft he makes in school.

Oh – And the wall also contains photographs of things he likes – Avatar, ships, cars being worked on in a garage..!


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