kadumbuttu sunday

This quote by Virginia Woolf sums up our family’s attitude really well – ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’

The little white balls in the plate are the kadumbuttu’s (steamed rice balls). They are traditionally served with pandi curry (coorgi pork curry) – but at the end of a predominantly carnivorous weekend, chicken made me feel less guilty…
Kadumbuttu’s are also yummy with ghee and honey (which we did for breakfast the next day) – I also love them plain – when they are hot just out of the steamer.

I don’t make Kadumbuttu often since the key ingredient is thari (broken rice) – difficult to source in Bangalore. The last time I made it was years ago – with pork curry, before A was born. But having tasted them at weddings / his thai’s (grandma) place, A loves Kadumbuttu. (I think he also likes the way it sounds) – and really what’s not to like about these cute little fluffy balls that are so easy and fun to dip into the gravy and pop into your mouth?

So anyway, this time I discovered that it’s fairly easy for A to help me as well. After I cooked the thari into a dough like consistency, A and me had a blast shaping them into the balls.
The crafty kid made his Kadumbuttu smaller or bigger than the lime sized one’s I was making, so he would know which were his.

Here’s a pic of the table all set and ready for dinner – just before the boys attacked:

A has coined his own name for this delicacy – piggy balls!

For anyone interested in trying their hand at making Kadumbuttu, I have posted the recipe on my friends blog – http://scatterthebatter.com/2010/08/31/kadumbuttu-steamed-rice-balls/


One response to “kadumbuttu sunday

  1. Next time these are made….i want to be invited!!!! Looks delicious…and the stoneware pot adds to the ambience….

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