paper fish and shadows

Just two unconnected pictures in this short post:

A gift from a dear friend - Apu spent a lovely afternoon playing with this model kit, pretending Nemo was getting stuck in the boat propeller and rescuing him. I initially tried to fix the fishes and other stuff on as instructed in the book - but figured he was having more fun having them unfixed and easy to move, so he could make up his own stories.
Thank you V.a - We are so happy we got to know you better.

Apu jumped out of bed to show us the 'hand' on his bedroom door - A reminder to remember the parallel reality our kids live in and the importance of that extra tight hug at bedtime and anytime else they wake up and cry at night...

Sweet dreams - I'm off to enjoy an evening of 'The Grandmothers' - My latest Doris Lessing purchase.


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