Carnivores and Herbivores

I’m very kicked with our new ‘learning game’…

Here’s what we did – We set up the Thomas the Train set, and then got out all the plastic animals we had… I then handed out the animals one-at-a-time, and asked Apu to place them into three different spaces created by the train tracks – sorting them into ‘Farm Animals’, ‘Birds’ and ‘Jungle Animals’

The next step was to separate the ‘Carnivores’ from the ‘Herbivores’ – We put all the Carnivores outside (to prowl) while the Herbivores stayed inside the enclosure safely…

Then the game can go in any number of different ways… Here are a couple of variations we have tried out so far:
– Jungle Safari – The train stops at the various animal groups, and we look at and talk about each animal and it’s characteristics. (The giraffe has such a loooong neck – Do you know why?)
– Animal Songs – Recollect and sing all the animal songs we can think of, related to the animals in the game…
– The hunting game – The carnivores prey on the herbivores (This is a favorite)
– Story Time – Pick a book we have about any of the animals in the game and do a short (restful) story time 

So you get the drift – this game can go in any way – depending on the mood…


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