Chunky Apple Muffins

I took a day off work today to be with Apu, and it turned out to be one of the nicest days we’ve spent together.

The morning started off with a plan to bake apple muffins – I have these lovely pastel colored muffin cups that I was itching to use. And the simple recipe and Apu’s love for muffins were the clincher.

Here are some pics of our baking session:

licking the batter - always the best part of any baking we do!

Apu enjoys mixing ingredients together – So recipes like pancakes or muffins are great to do together. He also loves using my mini grinding stone to grind stuff I need – like cinnamon for the muffins.
Today, while making the muffins, we talked about ‘recipes’ and ‘ingredients’ and what they meant.
My beautiful pastel muffin cups – before popping them into the oven

Tucking in...

I am particularly kicked with this recipe, because I used the spiced buttermilk available all over Bangalore. (Amul Masti)… I deviated from the original recipe by not adding salt and less cinnamon, since the buttermilk is already salted and spiced. (The original recipe lists plain buttermilk – which I have not found in shops here)

I have posted the recipe for the muffins on a friends site –


2 responses to “Chunky Apple Muffins

  1. So cute Apu is.. makes u wanna bake for him all the time!

  2. yeah – he’s a chunky monkey…

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