Multi level car park

Delivery of Bowbes (aka Barney/ baba / Brownie) new ‘skeleton’ hardware(?)  elicited an urge to make a dolls house. However, since the intended recipient is a rowdy boy with no interest in dolls or cooking (apart from Barbies {which he doesnt have} and concocting disgusting dishes and going into paroxysms of laughter at the reaction of the receiver) – I compromised and made a multi level car park instead.

Here’s A painting the roof red… He sure isnt as angelic as he looks in the picture…

The related game involves cars hurtling down the black slide, only to topple over (kalti – palti) and sustain extensive damage – to be fixed by the resident mechanic in waiting – Eager to fix with giant plastic tools.

BTW, the red cover that looks like an inverted cloth bag – is in fact that. The idea is courtesy my friend Sivan who made several of these out of plastic for her son’s birthday party.
I made mine out of disposable woven material (I don’t think it’s cloth – and it’s not paper), and use it on A whenever he is doing anything messy. A couple of washes later it is still going strong.


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