Little boys are the most flattering

For all you mom’s of little boys out there…

 My Apu has taken to calling me ‘Belle’ (after the beautiful princess in Beauty and the Beast.) – Mainly because he thinks I’m beautiful. Sometimes he does change this to ‘Bluebell’ though (as in Bluebell the cow) and then I have to respond by calling him ‘Tinkerbell’ (Don’t ask me why)

There are countless little ‘my-mama’ things he does both consciously and unconsciously…

Like last night – He was talking in his sleep – ‘Mama! Only Mama! I want only Mama’

At lunch one day, when I was serving him his peas – ‘You are SO kind mama…’

This morning, just before leaving for school, he was monkeying around the house with his car pool pal – V. Apu with his bow and arrow and V with the green plastic bazooka.

V – ‘I’m going to shoot your baba now’ BANG BANG BANG (sound effects)

A – ‘ok.. I’m also going to… YAGA YAGA…. PINGGGG! (Plastic arrow hitting baba)

V – ‘Now let’s shoot your mama’ BANG BANG BANG (sound effects)

A – (Silently walking to me and kissing my stomach) – No – You CANT shoot my mama’

So do I feel flattered and special by all this ‘Mama-giri’?

Well I try not to encourage it too much… And it does get tiring at times… But YES! Hurray for little boys!

 So this is not to say that the relationship that boys share with their dads is not special too – But I will leave it up to Fooze Monkey to comment on that.


2 responses to “Little boys are the most flattering

  1. At times there is barely concealed contempt, at other times it’s open hostility. That is, except when I agree to be a meek enemy (as repentful Bad Man, an apologetic Raavan or tuck-tailed Wolfie) and really take the 3rd degree from him – in the form of blows, bullets, arrows, fists, kicks, scratches, etc. One day I expect him to say, “That’ll do pig..that’ll do.”
    – Fooze

  2. FoozeMoneky, my complete sympathies. The only way out is to have a little girl. I don’t know if she will kiss your tummy, but it’s worth a try.

    And Apu’s mama: enjoy it while you can!! Sid has relegated me to ‘girl’ status the last year or so. When that is accompanied by an upturned nose, you know where you stand. (Of course, he still feels bad ONLY when I scold him, no one else, so there’s hope that I’m still his dear amma).

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