Spread the pink

Pink Pashmina Shawl - I was an imposed pinkoster while still in school! My dad returning from Korea, gave me pink, while my mom got off-white :-(

Dastkar Haat - This one stood out in the pile - really... This is Ver 1.1 - Ver.1.0 from my Infy days were junked a week back in a frenzy of tidying up

Maybe because it reminds me of cotton candy?

ok.. So I told her I liked Body Shop and lotions... But she got me PINK

These are actually hot pink slipper shaped earrings with diamond screws - courtsey the Nair sisters on my 34th birthday :-)

This stays in my pocket

The pink color is besides the point...


2 responses to “Spread the pink

  1. :x :x hugs. Hope you wear the slippers? In your ears, I mean :D

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