Bangalorekaleidoscope – A Bangalorean, a deflected graphic designer, a foodie, a mom, a book junkie, a reluctant atheist, an alien, a design researcher… (If you know me, please add to this list… I would love to know how you think about me…!)

This blog is an outlet to my thoughts and observations about the world around me.
Officially, my work is all about observing and understanding people and their environments – and translating this into compelling insights that help inspire innovative and people friendly products.
On a personal front, I am often busy and tied up with my own immediate world (home, work..) – I feel I do not think deeply enough about the larger world around me. I hope that putting my every day thoughts and observations into words will help me to engage more with the larger context. I also hope that blogging helps to lift the ‘writer’s block’ I sometimes find myself in, and ultimately helps me to evolve into a more interesting design researcher… So here goes…

Do post your comments and thoughts about what you read on my blog. I would love to hear from you…


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