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Much Silliness

I came across these old pics from last year while browsing through our images archive…

These are some snack boxes I got back for Apu while travelling. He loved the animal theme boxes in different sizes, but as you can see from the condition of the print on the lids, his preference tends towards the largest. (It doesnt matter that the snacks rattle around in the box since I dont like him to get too full before lunch)

Here’s what Apu did one morning when he got too full to finish his toast, but didnt want me to throw it out…

More silliness… Some lovely playdoh snakes Apu made one evening…


Fun with Lego

Although we got the large size Lego blocks around Apu’s 2nd birthday, it’s only around the time he turned 3 that he REALLY started exploring them.

Earlier, he would insist on creating (only) Lego planes – Exactly the way they were shown on the box. Any small difference would be noticed and pointed out and made to be fixed immediately.  Of course the assembled planes provided at least 1/2 an hour of solitary play… and ‘baw’s’ if the blocks came apart from too vigorous play.

No amount of persuasion that the whole idea of Lego blocks is to ‘create whatever you want with them’ and the nature of blocks is to come apart easily would convince him otherwise.

Till the day he started making these really cool Lego sculptures all by himself.
Here’s one of his cool sculptures – I never cease to be amazed by how intent he is on making symmetric figures. He toils untiringly till he achieves perfection!

In this sculpture, he started off creating a car being serviced in a garage and ended up with a robot looking figure. I love the way he has used the wheels to make eyes.

Seeing his creativity, of course we HAD to rush off and buy more blocks… This time we bought much smaller blocks that he is still trying to get the hang of.

The current theme seems to be for me / Shibani to create elaborate Lego objects – working late into the night – So Apu can wake up and find them all assembled to play. A few minutes of extra sleep!

Here’s Apu working on his own – Trying to combine the old and new blocks… (Don’t miss the pirate bandanna and eye patch)

Multi level car park

Delivery of Bowbes (aka Barney/ baba / Brownie) new ‘skeleton’ hardware(?)  elicited an urge to make a dolls house. However, since the intended recipient is a rowdy boy with no interest in dolls or cooking (apart from Barbies {which he doesnt have} and concocting disgusting dishes and going into paroxysms of laughter at the reaction of the receiver) – I compromised and made a multi level car park instead.

Here’s A painting the roof red… He sure isnt as angelic as he looks in the picture…

The related game involves cars hurtling down the black slide, only to topple over (kalti – palti) and sustain extensive damage – to be fixed by the resident mechanic in waiting – Eager to fix with giant plastic tools.

BTW, the red cover that looks like an inverted cloth bag – is in fact that. The idea is courtesy my friend Sivan who made several of these out of plastic for her son’s birthday party.
I made mine out of disposable woven material (I don’t think it’s cloth – and it’s not paper), and use it on A whenever he is doing anything messy. A couple of washes later it is still going strong.

Window Art

Thanks to for this wonderful idea…
We used ‘kite paper’ – commonly available in stationary shops in Bangalore… I didnt have any colored tissue paper in bright colors, and looking at the pics on filthwizardry, thought kite paper would do beautifully – It did!

This also works beautifully in keeping the ‘scary’s’ at bay… Apu says it’s his fairy window and he feels nice looking at it when he wakes up at night.

Learning the Caterpillar way…

The book we are currently reading is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.
I love everything about this book – the beautiful illustrations, the humor, the learning concepts, the simplicity… This book represents the type of Graphic Design I think of as ‘cool’ design.
Apu loves it too – We have read it at least twice every day over the last couple of days.

The art work is distinctive – I read somewhere that the author creates the effect using paint and tissue paper and layering them in a collage. What makes the art special is that it is not too abstract for children to appreciate.

The number of learning concepts this simple book covers is amazing:
– Numbers / Counting
– Lifecycle of a caterpillar
– Days of the week
– Fruits and other food stuff
– Pitfalls of greed / Healthy eating

The humor and light writing style is the icing on the cake… (The book describes the junk food binge the caterpillar has on Saturday – resulting in a terrible stomach ache!)

I can see us using this books for a couple of years more and in many different ways… As Apu gets older, the simple text is perfect for learning to read. I also look forward to trying out the painting style with Apu.
Here’s a site I found about different ways in which readers used the Eric Carle books –

Definitely one of our favorites – To be treasured and archived on our bookshelf even after we outgrow it.
Highly recommended.

BTW – We have another book called ‘Brahma’s Butterfly’ – Which is also about the lifecycle of a caterpillar. I was very happy when Apu connected the two stories – Asking for that book to be read to him, after we finished reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’

Art Attack

Here’s what we got up to this evening:

Ingredients – poster colors, water, paint brush, shaving cream, dining table, wriggly fingers

Paint insects

Apu and me made some paint insects today. This is a fun activity for impatient 3 year olds with butterfingers – who may not be able to manage brushes very well, but want to see results! I’ve been meaning to buy bigger and thicker brushes to make painting more fun – but until then…

Here’s what we did:
– Drop paint in large and small dots on some paper (We used Crayola kids paint) – I did the drops this time, but I think I’ll get an ink dropper, so Apu can make the dots himself.
– Fold the paper in half horizontally or vertically, so the paint is on the inside
– Rub / beat the paper madly, so the paint spreads inside
– Open and enjoy!

I plan to cut the insect shapes out and put them up in Apu’s room.
We have an art wall that contains all his art work – from school and home. Making this wall seems to have upped his interest in art –
he is excited to see his art ‘published’ and cant wait to get home with new paintings or craft he makes in school.

Oh – And the wall also contains photographs of things he likes – Avatar, ships, cars being worked on in a garage..!