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Spread the pink

Pink Pashmina Shawl - I was an imposed pinkoster while still in school! My dad returning from Korea, gave me pink, while my mom got off-white :-(

Dastkar Haat - This one stood out in the pile - really... This is Ver 1.1 - Ver.1.0 from my Infy days were junked a week back in a frenzy of tidying up

Maybe because it reminds me of cotton candy?

ok.. So I told her I liked Body Shop and lotions... But she got me PINK

These are actually hot pink slipper shaped earrings with diamond screws - courtsey the Nair sisters on my 34th birthday :-)

This stays in my pocket

The pink color is besides the point...


Imposed Pinkosters

Imposed pinkosters are people who have pinkness imposed on them.
For some reason, people sometimes pick on other people by connecting them with various types of pinkness.

For example, the ‘born pinkosters’ who are picked on by their own mothers. Before they even know what pink is or form color preferences and dislikes, they are imortally linked to the color pink by the pink name their mom gave them. (Pinkesh Shah)
Some born pinkosters are closet pinkosters – since the pink is in their nick name or house name. Their official names are suitably serious and no-nonsense. (Amandeep Singh aka{only to close family and friends} Pinku :-) 

I am an imposed pinkoster myself – For some illogical reason, my husband is convinced that I would enjoy owning electronic gadgets in shocking shades of pink – So I first got a hot  pink Motorazor and then a hot pink IPod… (Both of which I try to use / used unobtrusively to attract minimal attention, in order to maintain and protect my carefully cultivated ‘stiff upper lip’ image)
The sad part is that using / being seen with pink products seems to elicit a viral reaction – I actually went and bought myself glittery pink flip-flops and hot pink nail polish (Albeit at different points of time) – and now my girl gang’s image of me is definitely and irrevocably pink :-(
I am also now the owner of several assorted pink products that were gifted to me – like a pink pashmina shawl, tops in various pink floral prints, a hot pink ‘diva’ t-shirt, even a silver ‘little box’ (for want of any other description) with a purple pink slipper on it…

I’m convinced now that imposed pinkosters begin to unwittingly give off a pink aura – after a substantial amount of imposed pinkness.
If I were to place an anonymous video clip of myself on an anonymous website and asked random people to associate me with a color based on what they saw, I wonder if that color would be pink?