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My two handsome men

Here’s the little Le Ploop (Peppy Le Ploop aka Peppy Lappi Loop) enjoying his bowl of ‘chicken-soup-and-rice’

One evening he suddenly asked me if I could make chicken soup with rice for him. When I asked him where he had got that idea (of soup with rice) he said he heard about it in a story read at school – ‘And my mouth watered when I heard that story’
How could I NOT make the soup and rice for him – immediately – despite having an entire other dinner all ready??

And here’s my other handsome – Pappa Le Ploop – in his newely dry cleaned jacket – All set for a boys night out:


Reading with Apu

I’m so kicked and impressed – My lovely baby is all mesmerized hearing me read my ‘Wizard of Oz’ book to him. Well what I’m so impressed about is that this is the texty unabridged version – with a few black and white illustrations and lots of text – something I got from a pen pal when I was maybe 10 or 11… And yet he could keep listening for hours if only I would keep reading…
To quote the opening lines of Alice (in Wonderland) – ‘Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, ‘and what is the use of a book’ though Alice, ‘without pictures or conversation?’
I had to explain the concept of ‘book chapters’ to him – since I want to read only a few chapters every day, and he can’t understand why the book doesn’t end!

Here he is looking at the drawings in the book while I get dinner ready. (Break between two chapters)

One of the sections we like best is:
‘So the Wicked Witch took the Golden Cap from her cupboard and placed it upon her head. Then she stood upon her left foot and said slowly, “Ep-pe, pep-pe, kak-ke!”
Next she stood upon her right foot and said, “Hil-lo, hol-lo, hel-lo!”
After this she stood upon both feet and cried in a loud voice… “Ziz-zy, zuz-zy, zik!”

(We demonstrated this chant with actions a couple of times to ourselves before Apu went to sleep)

So well, he isn’t always so grown up and all… He misinterprets things all the time – but his logic makes sense too!
Another favorite bed time read is ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’
And there’s one page that reads – ‘Weeks passed, and the little rabbit grew very old and shabby. He even began to lose his shape, and he scarcely looked like a rabbit anymore, except to the Boy.’
At this point, Apu always shouts out – “Yes! He looked like a bear!”
Here’s the picture that corresponds to that page :-)

Liver Curry and silly stories

Shibani cooked a yummilicious liver and kidney curry last night.
Apu insisted we all wear bandanas while having dinner, so we could be pirates – Since I had only 2, Shibani got stuck with the ‘nappy bandana’ (he he)

Here are some pics from the evening – I’m telling Apu something about my childhood that he found hilarious… 

Unfortunately, there is no record of Shibani in his nappy bandana, as he took all the pictures.

Opposites Attract

So FoozeMonkey’s response to my ‘Something to chew on blog’ made me think of the old adage – ‘Opposites Attract’

Here’s what he had to say:

Yeah .. food memories can swing either way. Some aren’t so appetising;
1. Piping hot dum aloo and puris at Kharagpur station at 3 am :: Dysentery at Bhubaneswar station at 8 am. Exploding ass on rickshaw at 8.10 am. Met my Watery-loo at 8.45, 9.20, 9.21, 10.20 and 11.45 am. Loose dehydrated skin checked – at 1 pm. Intravenous infusion at 2 pm. Avoidance of ‘Hot piping dum aloo and puri’s at Kharagpur station’. Permanent.
2. Hard candy stolen Shankara, the perenially drunk resident push-cart guy at Stewart School :: Hard ass-kicking and assorted bad-mouthing from Shankara with various allusions to illicit liaisons of female family members – with monkeys, dogs and other interesting members of the local fauna.
3. Ampro biscuit for Rs. 1.15 :: That was my lunch for roughly 2 years. Haven’t had a single Energy-giving glucose biscuit since. Then the folks slipped up, got lazy and made the mistake of giving me the Rs. 1.15. It was at that point that I stopped stealing from Shankara and we were very matey after that. Learnt a thing or two about (the uppers and downers of) life – apart from eating junk that still makes my stomach stand anything that germs or the wife can dish out. Bring it on!!
4. Coconut Chicken Curry at Case de Cha / The cutlets at Gene Aunty’s :: The sources of sustenance, the life-giving interstices to the largely liquid regimen during the two years of my P.G.D.M.
5. French Toast and Ashok Garg :: The marwari guy who ate my french toast for half a term, till it dawned on him to ask him what it’s made of. For a long time I didn’t understand why he chased me from the Basketball park to the princi’s office. Apparently, for his family, it was akin to a daughter having issues with her tissue, but never mind. If I ever meet him again, I might ask him to try Texas Potato Skins. Hee Haw!!
6. A ‘white egg curry’ that a certain somebody made for me and my friends :: I knew I had good friends who ate every bit of the masala-eggs-in-a-litre-of-milk and then said, ‘Yep, she’s the one for you.’ Then again were they good friends…HEY?!!

Apart from being an extremely eloquent and fun write up (You need to start writing – FMonkey – Move you’re butt! What are you waiting for??), reading this post made me think about how very different we are as people – I would NEVER have any memories even remotely like these…

FMonkey – Short(!), cute, messy, multi colored, proudly ‘colloquial’, bad snacking habits, laid back and dreamy…
Me – Tall, gawky, tending towards OBD, black and white, squeaky urban (or stuck up according to FMonkey), striving to be healthy, edgy with 102 things to be done NOW!

After seven years of marriage, we still drive each other up the wall… But I like to think that we have found some sort of method to the madness that enables us to move through life without ripping each other to shreds. (most of the time)

Here are some things that well for us:
– Love for pork AND dried fish – Although we have not yet tried combining the two (Fish fried in pork fat – ref Tiger Hills)
– Chick flicks (Psst – One of FMonkey’s all time favorites is Legally Blond)
– Preference for the sea (Goa) rather than hills / forests
– SMS / IM / e-mail and now blog (Any asynchronous form of communication)
– Unspoken decision not to keep lava lamps, plastic framed mirrors and dogs at home
– Many many food agreements
– My appreciation of good music – now translated to FMonkey as well
– Our mutual love for books (Though my books do get a biased placement)

I’m not even going to get into writing about what DOESN’T work for us… That will have to wait for the day I decide to write my book…