Imposed Pinkosters

Imposed pinkosters are people who have pinkness imposed on them.
For some reason, people sometimes pick on other people by connecting them with various types of pinkness.

For example, the ‘born pinkosters’ who are picked on by their own mothers. Before they even know what pink is or form color preferences and dislikes, they are imortally linked to the color pink by the pink name their mom gave them. (Pinkesh Shah)
Some born pinkosters are closet pinkosters – since the pink is in their nick name or house name. Their official names are suitably serious and no-nonsense. (Amandeep Singh aka{only to close family and friends} Pinku :-) 

I am an imposed pinkoster myself – For some illogical reason, my husband is convinced that I would enjoy owning electronic gadgets in shocking shades of pink – So I first got a hot  pink Motorazor and then a hot pink IPod… (Both of which I try to use / used unobtrusively to attract minimal attention, in order to maintain and protect my carefully cultivated ‘stiff upper lip’ image)
The sad part is that using / being seen with pink products seems to elicit a viral reaction – I actually went and bought myself glittery pink flip-flops and hot pink nail polish (Albeit at different points of time) – and now my girl gang’s image of me is definitely and irrevocably pink :-(
I am also now the owner of several assorted pink products that were gifted to me – like a pink pashmina shawl, tops in various pink floral prints, a hot pink ‘diva’ t-shirt, even a silver ‘little box’ (for want of any other description) with a purple pink slipper on it…

I’m convinced now that imposed pinkosters begin to unwittingly give off a pink aura – after a substantial amount of imposed pinkness.
If I were to place an anonymous video clip of myself on an anonymous website and asked random people to associate me with a color based on what they saw, I wonder if that color would be pink?


Little boys are the most flattering

For all you mom’s of little boys out there…

 My Apu has taken to calling me ‘Belle’ (after the beautiful princess in Beauty and the Beast.) – Mainly because he thinks I’m beautiful. Sometimes he does change this to ‘Bluebell’ though (as in Bluebell the cow) and then I have to respond by calling him ‘Tinkerbell’ (Don’t ask me why)

There are countless little ‘my-mama’ things he does both consciously and unconsciously…

Like last night – He was talking in his sleep – ‘Mama! Only Mama! I want only Mama’

At lunch one day, when I was serving him his peas – ‘You are SO kind mama…’

This morning, just before leaving for school, he was monkeying around the house with his car pool pal – V. Apu with his bow and arrow and V with the green plastic bazooka.

V – ‘I’m going to shoot your baba now’ BANG BANG BANG (sound effects)

A – ‘ok.. I’m also going to… YAGA YAGA…. PINGGGG! (Plastic arrow hitting baba)

V – ‘Now let’s shoot your mama’ BANG BANG BANG (sound effects)

A – (Silently walking to me and kissing my stomach) – No – You CANT shoot my mama’

So do I feel flattered and special by all this ‘Mama-giri’?

Well I try not to encourage it too much… And it does get tiring at times… But YES! Hurray for little boys!

 So this is not to say that the relationship that boys share with their dads is not special too – But I will leave it up to Fooze Monkey to comment on that.

Multi level car park

Delivery of Bowbes (aka Barney/ baba / Brownie) new ‘skeleton’ hardware(?)  elicited an urge to make a dolls house. However, since the intended recipient is a rowdy boy with no interest in dolls or cooking (apart from Barbies {which he doesnt have} and concocting disgusting dishes and going into paroxysms of laughter at the reaction of the receiver) – I compromised and made a multi level car park instead.

Here’s A painting the roof red… He sure isnt as angelic as he looks in the picture…

The related game involves cars hurtling down the black slide, only to topple over (kalti – palti) and sustain extensive damage – to be fixed by the resident mechanic in waiting – Eager to fix with giant plastic tools.

BTW, the red cover that looks like an inverted cloth bag – is in fact that. The idea is courtesy my friend Sivan who made several of these out of plastic for her son’s birthday party.
I made mine out of disposable woven material (I don’t think it’s cloth – and it’s not paper), and use it on A whenever he is doing anything messy. A couple of washes later it is still going strong.

{this moment}


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{this moment} – A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Chunky Apple Muffins

I took a day off work today to be with Apu, and it turned out to be one of the nicest days we’ve spent together.

The morning started off with a plan to bake apple muffins – I have these lovely pastel colored muffin cups that I was itching to use. And the simple recipe and Apu’s love for muffins were the clincher.

Here are some pics of our baking session:

licking the batter - always the best part of any baking we do!

Apu enjoys mixing ingredients together – So recipes like pancakes or muffins are great to do together. He also loves using my mini grinding stone to grind stuff I need – like cinnamon for the muffins.
Today, while making the muffins, we talked about ‘recipes’ and ‘ingredients’ and what they meant.
My beautiful pastel muffin cups – before popping them into the oven

Tucking in...

I am particularly kicked with this recipe, because I used the spiced buttermilk available all over Bangalore. (Amul Masti)… I deviated from the original recipe by not adding salt and less cinnamon, since the buttermilk is already salted and spiced. (The original recipe lists plain buttermilk – which I have not found in shops here)

I have posted the recipe for the muffins on a friends site –

Nauseous Trilogy

 A recent spate of illness in the family reminded me of the nauseous home remedy trilogy of my childhood:

 1) Egg Flip
2) The-drink-that-must-not-be-named
3) The caked and crusted throat cure

My grandma whole heartedly believed in the medicinal properties of each of these home remedies – and relentlessly applied / poured them down or on my throat.

Here are the recipes for each, in case you want to subjugate your kiddies to the same sadistic rituals:

Egg Flip – Beat together some brandy, water, RAW egg, sugar and grated nutmeg – Till the vile mixture stands up in stiff peaks… Pour down child’s throat while holding the nose shut and with a vice like grip on the arms…
Believed to be strengthening and in general good for health.

The-drink-that-must-not-be-named – Hot milk, turmeric and garlic! Follow same serving procedure as above.
Good for cold it seems…

The caked and crusted throat cure – Make a paste of ‘chunnam’ (the pink stuff that is put into beetle leaves) and kachampuli (A divine Coorgi cooking vinegar that has the look and consistency of tar) and apply on child’s throat in a thick layer. Allow to dry till cracked and itchy. Under no circumstances allow the child to wash the concoction off…

{this moment}

Inspired by

{this moment} – A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.